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Ways to Fund Your Unfair Dismissal Claim

Privately funding your case

Litigating in the employment tribunals can be expensive and given that costs awards are rarely made against a party the respective litigants must at times bear in mind the risks and costs of bringing or defending an employment tribunal claim.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Claimants will often be able to rely on legal expenses insurance to fund their Employment Tribunal claims. Often included in household contents and buildings insurance it can also be found included with credit card benefits and even motor insurance. The insurer will require the Claimant to have at least a 51% chance of success.

Often insurers will insist on their own panel firm being appointed to issue proceedings but once issued a Claimant can require the work to be carried out by a firm of his or her choosing. We run a number of claims each year on behalf of employees with the fees paid by the insurers. Insurers will cover other employment claims in addition to those for unfair dismissal.

No win no fee

There are solicitors offering this type of funding option. We do not undertake work on this basis but we can, if required, direct you to firms who do. We would however advise that before you enquire about no-win, no-fee agreements you should first look into whether you do have Legal Expenses Insurance as above.

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