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What is a Schedule of Loss?

A schedule of loss for the Claimant is one of the documents the Tribunal will order is served on the Respondent employer. The schedule is a crucial document in the Tribunal process as it helps the parties understand the Claimant’s intentions in financial terms and can often start the Respondent thinking about making a settlement and entering into negotiations

From the Claimant’s point of view therefore it is really important to get the schedule right in the first place; including all contractual and statutory entitlements that they would expect to be awarded if they win the case. Claimants who prepare the schedule of loss without legal help can often sell themselves short, missing out elements of their claim which they would be entitled to if they win.

Equally Claimants can often over estimate the value of their case incorrectly thus believing their case has a higher value than it actually does. Often such a schedule can serve to make the Respondent determined to proceed with defending a case they would otherwise have considered settling but for the inflated figures in the agreement.