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List of Documents, Disclosures and Hearing Bundle

A list of documents is part of the disclosure process whereby the parties prepare a list of all the documents in their possession which are relevant to their case which they would seek to rely on as part of their case. Both parties prepare a list of documents and exchange lists at the same time.

After lists are exchanged the parties can easily see which documents they want from the other which are not in their list and can request those documents from the other. This is called disclosure, parties cannot only send documents which support their case there is a strict test of relevance and even documents which undermine a case should be disclosed. Parties then arrange to send each other their documents.

It is usually the Respondent's employer who has to prepare the hearing bundle which is a combined list of both documents from the Claimant and the Respondent which are paginated in files and taken to the final hearing as the Tribunal bundle.