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Enforcing an Award

If a Claimant is successful in their claim, judgment is awarded in their favour. The Judge will often list a “remedy hearing” to decide the financial value of the award. Documents such as the Schedule of Loss, setting out financial loss and evidence of attempts at mitigation of loss (i.e. trying to find a new job) will all be taken into consideration by a Judge.

When an award is made an Order should be for the Respondent (the Employer) to pay the money within a specified period of time. If the Respondent does not make the payment then there are various methods to enforce the award in the courts to ensure that you receive the payment.

There is a fast track service which uses the conciliation body ACAS which is the simplest of processes to enforcing the award but if that is not successful there are a number of other methods to securing the award monies which can include obtaining a warrant of execution, a third party debt order, a charging order or a statutory demand.